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The 2015 Helping Families Change Conference was held in the picturesque city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Click on the title below to access a particular presentation from the conference. Please note that only presentations made available by the presenter are listed. If you are looking for a presentation not in this list you may need to contact the person directly.

Keynote Presentations

Sanders – Parenting Support in a Changing World
Sanders – Enhancing Your Impact as an Individual Triple P Practitioner
Humphrey – Schools and Families United in the Promotion of Children’s Social and Emotional Wellbeing: Towards an Integrated Model of Provision
Samuels – Child Wellbeing in the United States: Advancing in the Use of Evidence and Science

Invited Addresses

Prinz – Navigating the Challenges of Parental Substance Abuse
Morawska – Childhood Chronic Illness: The Role of Parenting Intervention
Kielstra – Triple P in Amsterdam: Implementation of the Triple P System in a Diverse Society
Hahlweg – Ten-Yeear Follow-up of a Randomised Controlled and an Uncontrolled Trial of TRiple P Group: Outcome for Parent and Child Variables
Pels – Triple P and Diversity in Parenting in the Netherlands

Parallel Sessions

A1 – Filus, Haslam & Perkins
A1 – Foskolos
A2 – Ogilvie & Carroll
A4 – Berns, van Bommel & Vergeer

B2 – Pickering
B3 – van Bommel

C1 – Debbaut
C2 – Love

D1 – Distelbrink
D1 – Dube & Winkelman
D1 – Naber
D2 – Filus, Morawska, Mitechell, Lohan, Gelmini & Gerards
D3 – Vos (Workshop)
D4 – Johnson
D4 – Halsey

F1 – Daigneault, Powis, van Allen, & Wilson
F1 –  Handout
F1 – Love & Rauso
F2 – Mihelic, Wittkowski, & Seah