Triple P Parent Day

Parenting is often described as tough and stressful – and sometimes it certainly can seem that way. But a few simple, easy-to-follow ideas can make the world of difference to your family’s lives.

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Raising happy, healthy children is something within easy reach of all us, especially when parents are given the skills they need to parent their children strongly.

Now these skills are even easier to access through a series of seminars made available free to NSW families through the Department of Family and Community Services at Sydney University on Saturday, February 22.



Backed by decades of research, the simple and practical strategies you will learn from the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program have the power to take the stress out of your family’s lives.

Learn how to work as a team with your partner, balance family life, help your children cope with stress and teach kids how to make friends and keep them.

These are the kinds of strategies that help kids in general succeed in life and avoid serious social and emotional problems. And for your family, they can make the world of difference.


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