The 2020 Helping Families Change Conference was held in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.

Presentations will be uploaded below as they are received from presenters. Please note that only presentations made available by the presenter are listed. You may need to contact the presenter directly if the presentation you are looking for is not listed. Click on the title below to access the presentation slides from the conference.

Keynote Addresses

Invited Addresses

Parallel Sessions

A1.2 Healthy Living Triple P for parents of children with eczema – Amy Mitchell

A3.1 Novel implementation measures and methods – Rebecca Roppolo

A4.2 Increasing Triple P attendance in diverse and vulnerable communities – Ailsa Earley

A4.3 Building a positive parenting movement in California – Nicole Young

B1.3 Impact of parent gender-stereoptypes on child preferences – Stacy Siqi Zheng

B3.1 Meeting clients where they are – Vivien Haidig

C1.1 EBPS for former refugee families – Margaret Weston

C4.1 Korean families of a child with a developmental disability – Youngzie Lee

C4.2 Promoting parental presence – Stephanie Bradford

C4.3 Enhancing the self-regulatory capacities of vulnerable parents – Sabine Baker

D1.1 Interventions for parents of adolescents – Alan Ralph

D2.1 Childhood adversity and demographics – Carys Chainey

D2.2 Psychological interventions for mothers of young children with ASD – Kavindri Kulasinghe

D2.3 Role of health carer – Antonia Kish

D4.1 Family support from a public health perspective – Daryl Higgins

E2.2 Parenting interventions to improve children’s oral health – Santosh Tadakmadla

E3.2 Australian children’s adherence to recommended child health practices – Sabine Baker

E3.3 Parental perceived control over children’s screen use – Amy Mitchell

F2.2 Impact of childhood pets on children’s wellbeing – Sabine Baker

F2.3 Care of companion animals and shaping children’s empathy – Callum Wade

G4.1 Triple P for Chinese immigrant parents – Yun Wei