The 2013 HFCC features well-known speakers with expertise on families, intervention, implementation science, and public policy, and numerous sessions on practical and scientific developments in the area of family intervention. Attendees will be exposed to strategies and innovations related to parenting and family interventions. Prominent in the conference program are presentations and discussion on working with vulnerable families, technological developments in intervention, and ways to address cultural diversity needs. Overall, HFCC 2013 represents substantial progress in the movement towards an effective public health approach to supporting families and children grounded in scientific evidence and quality improvement.

Click on the title below to access a particular presentation from the conference. Please note that only presentations made available by the presenter are listed. If you are looking for a presentation not in this list you may need to contact the person directly.

Pre-conference Workshops

van Driel – Introduction to Triple P
Sanders – Triple P Masterclass
Shapiro – Home Delivery Workshop 2-12-13
Turner – HFCC 2013 Online Triple P Workshop
Wilkinson – HFCC Implementation 2013

Keynote and Plenary Sessions

Blase – Triple P Implementation and System Change
Metzler – Using Media to Improve Parenting
Prinz – HFCC 2013 Keynote
Romney – Evidence-based Implementation of Triple P with Culturally Diverse Families
Sanders – Enhancing Impact through Community-Wide Parenting and Family Support Interventions
Smith – Helping Families Change
Turner – HFCC 2013 Online Triple P


Yolanda – Maternal parenting styles northeastern Mexico
Popp & Schneider – First time parents
Laipe & Brodard – Childrens emotion regulation in the family
Hodge – Indigenous Child Welfare Services
Gerards et al – Lifestyle Triple P Netherlands
Chandler – Foster Carers
Yan Leung Sanders – Group Triple P Chinese Parents Children w Developmental Disability

Parallel Sessions

A1 – Consumer Engagement and Sibling Conflict
A1 – Disaster Recovery Triple P
A1 – HFCC Fear-less presentation 2013 – no photos
A1 – Resilience Triple P
A2 – LMIC Parenting
A2 – Triple P and Chronic health
A3 – Triple P and Cultural Diversity
A4 – Parenting Support and Vulnerable families
A5 – Experience of implementing Triple P at a population level in Glasgow, Scotland
A5 – Validating IPS
A6 – ConnXionz HFCC 2013
A6 – Home Away from Home HFCC conference presentation final 14-2013
A6 – Teen Triple P Discussion Groups
A7 – Heinrichs_IPS_LA_2013
A7 – Lee, Stern, & Gagné IPS

B1 – Child Welfare Study Presentation – HFCC 2013
B1 – HFCC Obstacles Motivations Presentation Upload_02242013
B1 – HFCC presentation – emotion enhanced Triple P
B2 – Implementing Stepping Stones in Japan
B2 – Japan
B2 – Outcome evaluation of the Level 4 Group Triple P with Chinese parents with preschool children with developmental disabilities
B2 – Primary Care SSTP
B4 – Anxiety Disorders and Natural Disasters
B5 – Asthma and Eczema
B5 – Chronic Health Symposium
B5 – Parenting interventions for chronic childhood conditions
B6 – Implementation Symposium
B6 – Teen Triple P
B7 – Parenting, Relationship Conflict and Substance Misuse

C1 – Westmead HFCC2013
C1 – Triple P Justice Manitoba Model
C1 – Reaching Low Income Families
C2 – Mother-Child InteractionsPresentationToPostHFC2013
C2 – Implementing a new Child Maltreatment Strategy
C2 – Kirby, J HFCC 2013 Grandparent Triple P
C3 – HFCC presentation – TP Online
C3 – Parenting help in a digital age
C3 – Parenting Support in the 21st Century
C3 – Agnes Sumargi_ randomized-controlled trial of the Triple P seminar_SENT
C4 – Adopting and Sustaining Evidence-Based Programs
C5 – Title IV-E Presentation – HFCC 2013
C6 – Baby Triple P Symposium
C7 – SSTP Presentation_Julie
C7 – SSTP and acquired brain injury